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Mon May 23 2005, 06:37PM

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It's all very well telling people to use and read the FAQ all the time, but everyone knows that it doesn't cover every single ET problem. Which is fine if you have a common problem like PB init failures or Open GL "hell", but not if it doesn't help you get back on track.

In order to try and cover the broadest range of problems that are solvable, I would be very grateful if you could post any problems you experience that are listed in the FAQ here. If you look in there, but actually find the answer when searching, it'd cut down a lot of my work if you could provide a link.

Of course, any reported problems that are covered will be ignored. For a full, up-to-date FAQ listing, see
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Mon May 23 2005, 07:04PM

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Quite common bug when trying to view demos or hosting a server:
Click Here Now...

Couldn't find it in the FAQ.

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Mon May 23 2005, 07:34PM

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If you haven't installed ET correct, and the new patch then wont install?

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Sun May 29 2005, 01:27AM
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my servers won't come up on wolfenstein and i wonna know why? this j vlient thing has come up and i thinks affecting it plz plz plz help me
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Sun May 29 2005, 05:16PM

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sounds like you have downloaded a pk3 thats modified your game somewhat?

well try searching the forum in both cases you should find your answers.. or try the FAQ?
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Fri Jun 03 2005, 08:04PM

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. i dont know what problem name is. i say what is my problem, when i join to server, some secunds and and game turn off. i cant playing. I have updated PB, i have installed patch 2.60 on game, and is the same problem.
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Wed Jun 08 2005, 01:23PM
My brob is: When im trying to connect to server, game loads forever pk3 files again and again and again... and sometimes when i pass playing there comes an error message and dont send and those... :cry:
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Thu Jun 09 2005, 07:26PM
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I've got the same problem, and its driving me CRAZY! really, i tried everything and i looked everywhere on the net, but there is no information about this weird problem.
im also getting this error:
VM_Create on cgame failed
i dunno what it is...
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Sun Jun 12 2005, 08:19AM
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Ok. I have been playing WolfET for a couple of months and have only recently opened my own server so my friends and I could play 1on1.

I have a bag full of maps but can only play a couple of them on the normal WolfET server.
I was wondering how i play the ETproETPubShrub maps when all the server ever finds is the regular ET maps?

The way I set up a server:
I usually just open the game and click the 'Host Game' button and then change the setting inside that, choose a map rotation and then start the server.

Things I don't understand and would like answers to:

1. I was wondering if some1 could give me a run down of what exactly TEPro,ETPub & Shrub actually do for wolfet?

2. Another thing is if someone could please tell me (or direct me to a guide) on how to set up a ETproETpubshrub server.

3. How do i make the server run my modified server.cfg file?

4. How do i modify what maps i want to run and in the sequence I choose?
I found a program that makes a 'Map Rotation' (also the name of the program) file but how do I make the server read the new rotation?

5. How doCan I use ETDED.exe to run a server?
I noticed I can run a server from ETDED.exe when I type in 'exec server' but is this the rite way to run an ETproPubShrub server and if so how?

6.what is the command line to make the charge rate faster for the 'FieldOp'?
I know the ones for soldier,medic,engineer & covertops but I can't find the fieldops charge time cmnd.

Sorry for being such a tard about all this stuff but i can't seem to find any info on the matter even after 'search'ing the forum.

Thanx in advance:
The-HaTTa :twisted:
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General Samov
Sun Jun 12 2005, 12:51PM

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(highlights left on purpose)

Everything under the sun is in tune,
but the sun is eclipsed by the moon...
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Sun Jun 12 2005, 12:53PM

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might be your graphics-drivers. there was a problem with some ATI drivers once.
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Sun Jun 12 2005, 02:32PM
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my problem is everytime I minimalise ET with ETmin the brightness of the game is set to the default brightness. I had some time it was fixed some way but i can't find the setting i have to change to fix it
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Sun Jun 12 2005, 02:56PM
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Joined: Tue Jun 07 2005, 12:00AM
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hi i have a 3dfx voodoo3 and i cant get open gl to work.i found drivers but i get a message like this. _GlideInitEnviroment: glide2x.dll expected voodoo graphics, none detected
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Mon Jun 13 2005, 12:37AM

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I have J-Client and i like it much it does not affect my game in any way,
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Sun Jun 19 2005, 09:51PM
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My problem, is not an installing problem or something about the software,I mean, I' m not really sure if I' m posting this in the correct place.
I would like to know how to make my clan oficial, or I just have to create a web and thats it??
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Sun Jun 19 2005, 10:01PM
Army Strong (HOOAH)

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there's no such thing as "official" just get a group of people who enjoy playing together, wear a tag to identify yourselves, and walla you have a clan or you can make a more serious clan that practices, have websites, maybe a server, etc

[ image disabled ]
Check out Travian An online very simple game
[ image disabled ]
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Thu Jun 23 2005, 08:43PM
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Ok, I have started making my own level but i fear that I don't quite understand how to make it into a playable Map.

I Was using the SD Radiant that came with RTCW then got the new GTKRadiant and have been switcheding back and forth because i can't seem to find the button that implaments trees on the GTK.
I have also been using textures from other maps (pk3 files) and save everything to a folder on my desktop but the only file in it are the saved files from radiant, no textures or any of that.

My question is...
1.Do i need to take all the textures i'v ised from the other PK3 files and place them in my new folder?
2.Where can i find this 'MilkShake 3D' program that the Radiant site talks about,and Is there any other programs out that i need to convert everything to make the Map plable on WolfET?
4. what is the average hight for a Door,Hallway or anything else so i know that i am making everything to scale and not to small or to big when creating building or hallways?
5. What tab is the Ladder or Climb feature under on radian and how do I make it work?

You can check out some screen shots of my map by going to this Site

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Thu Jun 23 2005, 08:49PM

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my problem is when ever i open et, its stuck in german(not english), and i can't figure out if its a mod from a server i went into,or if is just somthing i can change in options, is their a way to change it back to english.
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Fri Jun 24 2005, 12:32AM
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my problem is when ever i open et, its stuck in german(not english), and i can't figure out if its a mod from a server i went into,or if is just somthing i can change in options, is their a way to change it back to english.

try a reinstall.
Uninstall, restart the computer, Install Wolf ET.

I had the same problem only it was with a change or curser from a server i went to.
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Sun Jun 26 2005, 01:26PM

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How can use ''OWN'' avatars in this site?
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