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ET tourney
Nail on Sunday 18 April 2010 - 18:40:34 | Read/Post Comment: 0

Berzerker;223186 wrote ...
Hey evryone , im here to to a little advertising for a special enemy territory community ...

If you play ET , you might have noticed that there were nothing interesting anymore for US/CAN players ... since all the tournament , leagues and evrything are mostly for Euros , and if you are US/CAN , its hard to setup match etc ... since we just dont play at the same hours of the days... Hard to play a tournament at 11:00PM , when you work or go school ...

BUT , im here to offert US/CAN Player an opportunity to participate into such event , wich give the game alot more of interest for the US/CAN Players !

I Invite you to go check out this fancy website . http://www.wolfet.ht.cx/ , register , and check the feature on it , there alot of thing , but , its still under developement.

I am the creator of the Enemy Territory 2.6b Xfire Community , wich count 182 US/CAN Members all playing Enemy Territory , so i gave myself a goal... Ill make it grow , make it interesting for evry single player on it, and i do my BEST for it succeed...

We are currently looking for Members/Staff/Admin/PBAdmin/ Shoutcasters and anything related to ET League

Also , we are currently seeked sponsor , to host our game server , and our ventrilo/ts3 voice channel and the price at the end of the tournament for the 3 last team standing ! If you are interested into sponsoring us , evrything is on the website.

Please guys , help the ET 2.6b US/CAN Community to regain strenght , cause its boring , and will die soon if we do nothing !

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