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Et is 5
Nail on Friday 30 May 2008 - 02:30:07 | Read/Post Comment: 8

Happy Birthday Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory
5 years old today

Kay-Dee 30 May : 20:36
Happy birthday!
ihrasormi 31 May : 17:57
i like it!!! i dont know how et load??
ihrasormi 31 May : 17:58
happy birthday!!!
Purgah 07 Jun : 22:02
Hartelijk gefeliciteerd!
Kossusukka 20 Jun : 19:44
ET is 5 years old, and still the best online fps!
gauz 18 Jul : 12:08
Lol @ ihrasormi: Maybe you should quit then <<;;
Ontopic Congratz I had 5 nice years of ET. Quiting and then start playing again then again Quiting etc etc lol But I always found it nice another time Congratz
SophiD 15 Sep : 14:58
I'm with Gauz!
Have been playing ET since it was released and quit for a bit for Team Fortress 2. Would like to get back on track with ET though as it's the only game imho that requires real skill and teamwork.
I love Team Fortress 2's cartoony look and some aspects of it, but ET is the BEST!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (even if extremely belated!!)
gonus 20 Dec : 13:02
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